Mobile Tech Expo 2014 hit it out of the park this past week. Kevin Halewood moved the expo to a bigger, nicer venue; The Caribe Royale in Orlando Florida. The larger venue allowed for 30% additional vendors to participate. We also saw a similar increase in auto recon pros attending making for a very busy,… Read More

Auto Recon, PDR, Upholstery Repair professionals and industry vendors gathered in Orlando at the Worldgate Resort for the 2013 Mobile Tech Expo. It was a busy, busy day as auto recon professionals came in from all the world. A special kudos to Renny Doyle who received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his impact on the… Read More

Unless you’ve been living in a hole you know Hurricane Sandy ravished much of the north eastern seaboard. Particularly ravaged by Sandy were New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  One of our customers, Certified Electrical ( not only weathered the storm but are now involved in the largest inspection endeavor they’ve undertaken. Before power can… Read More