Unless you’ve been living in a hole you know Hurricane Sandy ravished much of the north eastern seaboard. Particularly ravaged by Sandy were New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  One of our customers, Certified Electrical (http://www.cei-ny.com) not only weathered the storm but are now involved in the largest inspection endeavor they’ve undertaken.

Before power can safely be turned every building has to be inspected in the Suffolk County, NY area. Anthony Ceriello owner of Certified Electrical told me, “There are over 20,000 homes in the immediate area that have to be inspected before electricity can be turned on. All of our guys are scrambling to complete these inspections amidst taking care of their own homes.  Getting fuel to drive around town is a challenge and with a Noreaster bearing down on us the urgency is even more critical.”

The ability to conduct inspections with a mobile device has been critical to inspecting every home. With limited or no cellular coverage, working independent of a connection has been essential to the inspection process.  Inspections are created on the fly using a tablet device and ZenTouch as inspectors literally go house to house. “The devastation is unbelievable! The extreme environment we are working under is incredible.”, commented Anthony.

Tenants are understandably anxious to get power restored as over 3.5 million have been without power since Hurricane Sandy hit October 29th . Once inspections are completed tenants receive a certificate, printed on special county approved green paper, authorizing power to be restored. This mobile generated certificate serves as the golden ticket to a warm sanctuary while rebuilding a home and community.

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