Windows Phone 7 on an iPhone 4

iPhone arguably offers the best user experience of any mobile operating system on the market.  Full disclosure, I’m an iPhone user and love my device.

I have the opportunity to use many devices ranging from iPhone to ruggedized Windows Mobile virtually indestructable devices. In my experience the iPhone and Android provide the best user experience among devices. The Android experiences is totally dependent upon the hardware implementer. I have found the HTC implementation of Android superior to other hardware vendors.

But what about Windows Phone 7?

This weekend I had the opportunity to revisit Windows Phone 7 while visiting my brother. Windows Phone 7 provides an amazing user experience. I was pleased with the ease of navigation and intuitive design.

The challenge Windows Phone 7 hasn’t capture the interest of smartphone users.  Interested in seeing what you are missing?

Here’s a link ( that will take you to a website that will lert you test drive the Windows Phone 7 on an iPhone or Android. Simply open the link using your iPhone or Android browser and experience Windows Phone 7.

You may discover Windows Phone 7 is the next device for you.

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