Soccer Cones stored with Find Things Fast

Soccer Cones stored with Find Things Fast

This weekend amidst running kids between soccer games, I realized that one of my biggest challenges with getting things organized is finding the time.  Then it hit me I can organize items on the go with my iPhone and Find Things Fast. In literally 10 minutes this is how I added Gear Bag and all if its items to Find Things Fast.

1.     Dumped the contents of my soccer bag
2.     Opened Find Things Fast on my iPhone
3.     Added a storage container (GEAR BAG 1)
4.     Then added the items by
a.     Selecting Store
b.     Selecting Location
c.      Selecting Container
d.     Then took a photo of every item in my bag

Now I could have went through the added step of entering the name of every item and searchable tags, but I decided to save that task for when I was in front of my computer.

It was that simple.

Now if the kids need to find the first aid-kit, pinnies, cones or soccer balls they can use their iTouch instead of rummaging through 5 gear bags.

Jody Sedrick – Zenware