Google has started to unveil a new/old thing.  This week I saw a video showing what Google Glass might or could look like at:


The idea of glasses with built in augmented reality technology has been around for years. But it seems more like the next wave of reality is on the verge of hitting the consumer market.  As we become a more and more tech savvy society we are less likely to reject new ideas like “smart glasses”  or wearable devices. We have all seen the si-fi movies that have predicted our current technologies like tablets and cell phones and then said “that makes sense”.  The use of glasses is just the next wave of UI to keep us not only enamored with tech but helping us interact with technology more efficiently.

Google hopes the glasses will appeal to people who want information automatically in front of their eyes. No longer will you be hassled to take your phone of your pocket to take a photo, answer a call, send a text message or look up directions.  All this can be can be handled via your glasses and voice command.

I like the idea of wearing my smartphone instead of pulling it out of my pocket every time i need to do something.  The big downfall is the use while driving, I see this as a major obstacle to the glasses.  The no texting laws are in place to deal with the distractions a phone can have on a driver. I cant imagine having a second viewable pane in front of my eye while navigating a tight curve or heavy traffic.  One other down side might be the weight of them, glasses are relatively light but add the smartphone to your frames and wow your ears would feel it.  On the other hand if the glasses were an extension of your current phone and you could connect them via Bluetooth that would be a great option.  All in all there will be people who will love them and those that will hate them but as technology moves more and more in the direction of user comfort it can only make it better as far as i am concerned.

Rod Puzey

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