I’ve been using a new application created by our team called FindThingsFast (http://www.findthingsfast.com) to get my home organized. Recently I found a new use for FindThingsFast – storing then FINDING my food storage items.

This weekend my wife was in the kitchen preparing for graduation parties when she asked,  “Can you go look under one of the beds and get some flour from food storage?” I asked “Which bed?” Her response, “I think under Ke’ilani’s bed”.

I dutifully ran off to rummage under beds to collect a can of flour. Lucky for me my wife was right the cans of flour were under Ke’ilanis bed.  But, I still had to pull out all of the boxes so I could read the side label.

White Rice - found with FindThingsFast

The entire time, I shuffled through boxes I thought, ”This is another great use for FindThingsFast.”

After delivering a can of flour to my wife I returned to the bedroom to put numbered labels on each food storage box and arrange them so the numbers are facing outward. Now next time I need to find an item from food storage it’s a simple query and I’m directed to the location and box number. It’s that easy.

Now where is the Oatmeal?

Oh…under Zayne’s bed, box 3.

Jody Sedrick – Zenware