Last week Felix Baumgartner made history when he SMASHED the previous free fall sky diving record of 19 miles and jumped from a staggering 24 miles. The world literally watched in awe, wonder and anticipation as it was broadcast live from YouTube.

Being a bit of a adrenalin junky I watched a myriad of news reports, video compilations and Red Bull Stratos official videos. One video in particular caught my attention from the Red Bull YouTube Channel that highlights the team behind the record breaking jump.

Now watch it again and pay attention to the section where Joe Kittinger the previous record holder and Meteorologist, Don Day talk about the jump from :20 to 1:03.

The thing that caught my eye was the absolute attention to detail. The Red Bull team was working with every bit of data available to best predict the future – to best predict the perfect outcome.  Notice the power of information that was continually flowing to the meteorologist — all at his fingertips. Every bit of data was visually presented in a manner that enabled him to make immediate analysis of field conditions to help mission control know when and how to dispatch the Red Bull Stratos team.

This same kind of data visualization implemented into mobile businesses can empower companies to better manage their mobile teams.  What kind of data are you gathering and more importantly visualizing from the field that will help you best predict the future outcome of your company? The ability to quickly visualize interpret and act on data patterns can signification impact business.  In the spirit of Colonel John Boyd’s OODA model, with the right data not only can you observe you can orientate, decide and most importantly act now to help best serve your customers, manage your team and ensure your companies growth.

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