This year Zenware was fortunate enough to be involved the Idaho Business Reviews Best Places To Work In Idaho campaign this year.  Having never experienced  the process before I really didn’t know what to expect from both the survey and the responses.


The process is very simple, send in all of the emails of the employees of your company to the survey agency.  The employees then receive an email with a link to the survey that is confidential and only takes a fee minutes to complete.


There are three categories for companies based on the size of the organization. Each company has to meet minimum standards to be included in the overall results.  After I sent in the info to the Idaho Business Review I really started to wonder, “Are we doing enough for our team that they would rank us as a great place to work?  What if i get a really bad ranking?”  I then thought, “Why am I worried about this? We are great people.”


The results of the survey were tallied and we were informed that we were in the top ten for our business category – Micro Companies. I was told we had been selected for the top 10, then the top 6.  I thought well there were only a few companies so maybe its just the “consolation prize”  or we got in by default because there were not enough companies entered.

Best Places to Work in Idaho

The event for the awards was set for April 18th.  The night of the awards banquet my wife and I rolled in, fashionably late, and were shocked by all of the people.  This year there were over 300 people that RSVP’d packing the Linen Building.  We found a great table to stand at right in front of the speaker.  I was shocked at the numbers of folks there.  Before the event started they had passed out a variety of noise makers  like horns and clappers.  The speaker explained that this was the rowdy time of the evening and encouraged the crowd to  “make some noise” when the companies were named.  He also told us that there are no consolation prizes.  The standards for each category were set purposefully high and if you don’t meet them you are not in the race.  “Wow, we really did make the list, and not last either,” I thought.


They started with the Micro Companies group first. The speaker announced each company starting at tenth working is way down – tenth, ninth, eighth, seventh, sixth place not us.  We were awarded the 5th place!

We were honored to be in the top five Best Place to Work, awarded by our team not others not the owners but our people said that we are.


It was a great experience and one I will plan be involved in many years to come.  I am honored by the words and ranking our team members have given us.


I challenge each owner out there to make your company somewhere great to work that your team wants to come work each day and help you succeed.

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