SAP finally got it right with the announcement of acquiring Syclo. I remember shaking my head when SAP acquired Sybase thinking, “I see the infrastructure and synchronization value but Sybase doesn’t provide a MEAP, SDK or even off-the shelf apps.”

In a previous life, I spent 5 years building a MEAP solution that sat on top of Sybase.  I know first hand the power of the infrastructure as well as the weakness and lack of development tools. Sybase always seemed like a three legged stool somehow propped up with only two legs. The one significant benefit I saw at the time was that it provided a truly viable path for SAP’s customers to extend data to mobile users – all be it the 9th attempt as pointed out by Narendra Agrawal in his article “With Syclo Acquisition SAP does it again

My first question when I heard the news was “Did SAP finally realize they made a mistake the first time around learning that Syclo would’ve be a better bet in the first place? Or, is this a key strategic move to further support and build on SAPs mobile vision?” It’s probably a little of both.

I think this is a big win for SAP since Syclo provides a much better mobile platform as well as industry proven mobile applications.  Companies looking to deploy enterprise mobile solutions quickly will be drawn to a Syclo’s enterprise class app library that already integrate with SAP and a powerful MEAP to extend app capabilities or build entire new libraries.

I think the acquisition further entrenches SAPs commitment to enterprise mobility. I see it as a strategic play to broaden their enterprise mobility reach. Public consensus seems to agree as illustrated by Kevin Benedict in his blog “SAP Acquires Syclo – A second Cup of Coffed and 25 Comments“. A whopping 78% think this is a good move for SAP.

The question remains, will customers view the acquisition in the same light?  I see the potential for many projects being placed on hold as companies wait for the dust to settle from yet another merger. I wonder if SAP will take this as an opportunity to simplify the pricing model as the current SUP pricing model is confusing at best.

Clearly this is another indicator of how quickly the Enterprise Mobility landscape is evolving.  This evolution creates on-going challenges and opportunities for mobile solution integrators and customers who are trying to decide how to develop and deploy mobile projects amidst an ever changing field of mobility players.


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