I’ve only used iOS8 for one day and I can already say iOS 8 is the best update in a long, long time!

iOS8_QuickAccessHere is my short list of improvements:

  • Predictive text is awesome!  Huge improvements when texting or constructing emails. About time Apple caught up with Android on this. It’s quick and responsive.
  • Significant improvements in the accuracy and speed of Siri. You may have heard that you can now activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri”. That is true but for some reason only works when your device is plugged into a power source.  Otherwise love the latest version of Siri.
  • Voice Text message. A “nice to have feature”.  This requires your recipient have iOS8 but you can send a voice text. I would say it’s a little clunky on the implementation but once you get the hang of it easy to use.  This of course will chew up your data but a nice.
  • Quick access to recent contacts. Simple down swipe from the top and a row for quick access to recent contacts called.
  • Deleted Photos. Ever accidentally delete a photo? No problem iOS8 now provides a Deleted Files folder to recapture those almost lost photos
  • Photo Timers.  Another “about time” feature. You can now set a timer, up to 10 secs, to capture a group photo.

Overall, very pleased with the latest update.  I’m looking forward to digging in deeper. Kudos to Apple for getting this update right.

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