Psion Teklogix Ikon

This is a unique time in business and technology history. We hear about the economy, seemingly constantly, and we know it is hitting people and businesses hard. But the news is not all bad. For the first time I am seeing prices slashed for high-end mobile devices. Through the end of this year Zenware has obtained special pricing from Psion for their high-end Ikon device. If you have been in the market for small, well-designed rugged handheld devices, now is the time to move.

This is an excellent device for almost any field data collection or field information research need. We have seen companies seek this range of lower pricing for lesser devices, but now you won’t beat these prices or the device. For a basic device we can get these mobile “tanks” for starting around $1,000. Look at the specs to see the value of this offer:

Here are a 10 things I like about the Psion Teklogix Ikon device:

  1. Psion-Teklogix – This company can customize the included features in their devices. If you would like to modify a feature or the look of the devices, contact us to see what we can do.
  2. 624 MHz XScale Processor – Don’t settle for less.
  3. IP65 Rain and Dust Protection – Let the elements come.
  4. Multiple 5-Foot Drop to
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    Concrete – Try that with your iPhone.

  5. Add-on capabilities – Need RFID? GPS? This device was designed for add-ons.
  6. Huge Screen (for a WinMo device) – 3.7″ VGA
  7. Vast Operating Temperature Range – From the heat outdoors to the freezer, this device will work about anywhere, anytime. 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  8. Name your Keyboard -The keyboards are exchangable – QWERTY? Numeric? AZERTY? You choose.
  9. Windows Mobile 6 Classic or Professional.
  10. Compass, Barcode, GPS, WiFi and Phone (3G HSDPA). Ok, that was 14 things.

Still not sure? Let us help you review your options. Contact us using our online form.