The past two weeks have been heads down late nights to deliver a mobile solution with turn-by-turn navigation for a customer. Special Kudos are needed for the team. Excellent work gents.

Thanks to these efforts we can now offer Turn-By-Turn navigation for any Windows Mobile application. This is very exciting because it also helps us further some of the internal projects our team is working on.

Turn by Turn with GPS location details

At each location stop we are collecting the date/time stamp from the satellites to provide verification the technicians were on site. We chose the satellite date/time because we can ensure the date/time cannot be altered by the technician. Our mapping technology will also  be ideal for routing field workers to their service locations. We already see that we can also utilize the tool to help the dispatcher optimize routes before sending work orders down to the PDA/smart phone device. Route optimization will help reduce travel times and reduce fuel costs for our customers.

As a matter of information the device we are using for this project is the Trimble Juno.

I’m excited to see these projects evolve and come together. There will be more to share as the summer progresses. Stay tuned…