For years as I’ve worked with mobile customers I’ve been asked if there is anything on the market that is semi-rugged or fully rugged device under $1,000. Up until this point there has been an absolute void and no answer for customers. On the PDA side customer’s at least had the option of purchasing an Otter Box to ruggedize their device. This was a contrived answer designed to answer a business need and it worked but still seemed cludgy. When it came to ruggedized tablets, forget it, your lowest cost option was $2,500 and realistically most came in between $3,000 and $4,000.

Finally, EQUUS has heard the carrion call and introduced the NOBI for an amazing list price of $569. Yes, you heard correctly $569. During January we’re offering the NOBI for $549. Don’t let the price fool you! It is packed with features. Unlike Tablet PC’s in the past, NOBI offers full Windows XP or Windows 7. Built-in 802.11 b/g/n makes it ideal for wireless networks like the medical field, warehouses and essentially anything inside the four walls.

The NOBI offers a 60GB hard drive and is amazingly light at 2.5 lbs. It also touts a built-in webcam with 180 degree rotation. Making it ideal if you need to take a picture of someone on the other side of your display. Nobi also gets the most out of its 8.9” display by providing 1024×600 resolution.  Out of the box it comes with a meager 1GB of Ram but is upgradable to 2GB – perfect for a device of this size.

The other thing I really appreciate in this device is that unlike most tablets it actually comes with a keyboard that your users will appreciate. Due to the size of the device you get a 6 cell battery. The manufacturer says you’ll get 4-6 hours battery life. We plan on putting this through the test as we want to see what you can realistically expect. Built-in carrying handle make it easy to tote and it’s rugged construction make it water and drop resistant.

For the money this is a KILLER device. I finally have an answer for customers who are looking for a device that isn’t forced to be rugged with external protection and also doesn’t shatter most budgets. Looking for rugged and at a great price this is the device for you.

Author: Jody Sedrick, CEO