iOS-8-featuresWhen you opened your iPhone today did you notice a slew of new updates?  I think I counted 38.

You guessed it they all had to do with the iOS 8 Update.

First of all its a BIG update.  iOS 8 require 5GB of space. Download and installation too awhile but here are a few of the tidbits.

  • Siri – interacting with Siri is much easier. No more holding down the button. Simply say “Hi Siri” and Siri is at your beckon call. Hopefully Siri’s capabilities are enhanced as well.
  • Keyboard – the keyboard got smarter with predictive text making filling out forms and communicating on the go much easier. Apple has also opened the keyboard to 3rd party developers (yeah the Zenware team will have fun with that).  This is an area where Android has dominated for years.  Nice to see Apple moving in the right direction.
  • iCloud Drive Integration – looking forward to this. Using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the iPad be more practical with a place to seamlessly store files.
  • Camera – seems like every iPhone that comes out offers new improvements in camera features.  This time videos will see the biggest benefit.
  • Wireless – Speed, Speed and more Speed is what me and my customers are always asking for. “How quickly can I access and sync data?” As we become ever more reliant upon data access speed will be even more critical.
  • Family Sharing – let’s families up to 6 people share apps, music, and books.  Looking forward to exploring this with my sales team.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

For us fat fingered and failing eye sight users you will be pleased with the the larger 4.7in and 5.5 in screen.  Not sure how much larger I personally want to go on my iPhone, I’d still like it to fit in my pocket without needing an extra visit to the chiropractor. But having the extra real estate will be very nice.

Battery life improvement.  ABOUT TIME!  Sorry battery life has been a little frustrating ever since iPhone 5.  Hopefully I can charge once a day instead of 5 times a day.  Lately I’ve felt like I’m living in the 80’s permanently tethered to my charging iPhone.

Honestly the verdict is out on this for me.  The form factor seems too small to truly be effective.  I specifically didn’t like the iPod Nano because I kept forgetting it was in my pocket and it ended up going for a swim in the wash. With that said I see huge potential in wearable technology especially in athletic and medical applications.  The proof in the pudding will be the innovators and developers. I’m confident developers from my team are already thinking of ways to leverage the technology.

Mobile continues to be exciting! As I said on our Facebook page last week “From desktops to laptops, to phones and tablets, and now to watches . . . technology is AWESOME!

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