Managed Development Services

Tired of relying on “the dude in the garage” or your cousin to manage your business?

You know your business is propelling you to the next level.

  • Your current tech team is swamped with internal projects
  • You need to integrate between to software systems or website
  • You need 5 peoples skills but are note ready to hire even one

Time to get some help.

Enter Zenware’s Managed Development Services.
We help you manage the on-going development and technology needs of your company.

Whether you need consulting on a broad scale, need a developer to develop an application for your company or need to integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting system like Sage, Intacct or NetSuite. We have you covered.

Our technology team specializes

  • Networking
  • Wireless routers
  • Mobile development
  • Software development
  • Systems integration
  • Accounting


We speak business and geek so you don’t have to.



We come on-site and conduct a site assessment.
We evaluate your network, technology mix, software and database.
We evaluate your current processes and weigh them against what you are trying to do.
Essentially we work to discover the PAIN in your business.


Our team of technology pros then put together a set of recommendations for you business needs.
We like to think of recommendations in 3 classes.

  • Must be done
  • Should be done
  • Would be nice


Armed with our recommendations and a plan, we work with you to determine the priorities of what needs to be done and who needs to execute on our recommendations.

At this point it’s up to you to decide how you would like to execute.

  • You can implement our recommendations with us serving in an advisory role
  • We can work with your team in a collaborative effort
  • Or let our team get to work and execute on the plan

We put together a plan and then work with you to implement at a pace that makes business sense for you and your budget, wether that’s two full time people or a few hours a week.

Need something Custom?

If you need something specifically built for your company we have the software team to build what ever you need.

Remember we work with you or your IT Department to improve workflow, productivity, technology mix. From your website to mobile hardware we give you the recommendations to set your company on the right track

No more relying on 1 “dude in a garage” or your cousin. We have the depth  and professional expertise you need. You can hire us for one full-time equivalent and get the value of 20.

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