Mafia Memoirs with Shane Mayfield Perfection Plus Auto Detailing

Jody: All right. Welcome to another episode of Mafia Memoirs. My name is Jody Sedrick and my awesome partner Rod. And of course, we’re with

Shane: I’m Shane Mayfield from Perfection Plus Auto Detailing.

Jody: So we got the awesome opportunity to take a road trip from Boise, Idaho all the way over to Redmond, Oregon and we missed a turn so our road trip ended up being an hour long extra. I don’t know if that was my fault or Rod’s fault but I’ll take the blame.

Rod: It’s all right. It worked.

Jody: But it was a gorgeous awesome, I will post some pictures of our trip. It was an excellent drive over. We are here in Perfection Plus Auto detailing, and so, Shane, tell us about your shop.

Shane: So I’ve been in business here in Redmond almost nine years now. We Do everything from, you know, simple car, hand, hand car washes all the way up to full paint correction, ceramic coatings. You name it cosmetically with a vehicle here we do it.

Jody: Yes. So you’ve been here how long? Because I was actually surprised because I’ve never been to Redmond. So we left Boise, I knew it was kind of near Bend. And because of our direction, We actually came from the north through my Madras.

Shane: Yeah, Madras

Jody: And then came down here. And I was actually surprised how big this valley is.

Shane: Oh yeah,

Jody: I was expecting a kind of a small little town but tell me about the area because….

Shane: So Redmond is growing like crazy. Last time I heard our population was right around forty five thousand or so and we’re the seven fastest growing area in the country, right now. And so they’re they’re building all over the place like crazy. It’s a big cattle ranch area. Recreation, outdoor recreation is huge here. There are a lot of really nice golf courses, horseback riding, world class fishing, you name it, There’s all kinds of stuff to do

Rod: And, you guys were, like, twenty minutes from Bend.

Shane: Yeah, We’re about twenty minutes from Bend

Rod: And Bend is kind of a big hot rod mecca

Shane: Yeah, super made guys over here a lot, a lot of hot rod guys. It’s also big. If you’re in to breweries, it’s a very big brewery place, it’s the number one place in the country. There’s more, there’s breweries like they are seven elevens. They’re everywhere.

Jody: Oh wow, so, so because of your location, what are the primary types of cars that you work on? I’m sure you’re not getting exotics,

Shane: Oh Yeah, So honestly, SUVs, mom, mom and pop vehicles with children are primarily what we do here. A lot of interior detailing that, that’s a big specialty of ours is it is interior stain removal, kid clean up, the typical messes things like that. Also ceramic coatings to protect your vehicle and um, protection from the central, Oregon environment that we’re in.

Rod: so I was actually surprised coming in from that end how big of a farming community it is

Shane: Yeah

Rod: When you come in from the other end you don’t get as much of that,

Shane: from the southbound is more recreational when you’re on the south end up Deschutes County it’s more recreational and the breweries and golf course and stuff like that. And as you go north, it’s more, more toward a farming community and also like going northeast as well, like going towards Prine you’ll see more farming, and that sort of thing.

Rod: So you’re been, uh, IDA certified are P&S Renny Doyle products Glassparency. Ceramic coat. What all do you do?

Shane: So I’m certified in pretty much anything you could think of ceramic coating certified, Glassparency certified. I’ve been through training with Renny Doyle and Detailing Success. I’m skills validated IDA certified. I’ve been to Airforce One I’ve been Mccall’s. I, I am the highest trained detailer in this area. Hands down. I have more training, more certifications than anybody around here I pride myself on, on making sure that I’m educated and that I. that I’m up on the proper knowledge and techniques to make sure I’m giving you guys the best possible all service that I can provide for you.

Jody: So you are an official member of The Detail Mafia. Are you a Made Man, yet?

Shane: I am a made man. I got, I got made at Air Force One actually

Jody: I thought I remembered that

Shane: Yeah.

Jody: And, and what, What exactly is required to to achieve a Made status?

Shane: Um,So pretty much being Made means that you’re doing things the right way, that they believe that you are a qualified detailer that you are participating in not only the network that we have, but also as a Mafia member, that you’re conducting business as an ethical business, that you, uh you take pride in what you do that you believe in helping the industry and bringing people up as a whole that you’re not out, you know, bashing other detailers and trying to knock your competitors down that you’re bringing our industry up as as one, right?

Jody: Yeah, that’s one of the big things. So and as I mentioned this in our last episode. I was at the recent event at The Rag Company where Dave Phillips was there with Renny Doyle and they actually introduced a brand new hashtag um, called, detail industry strong (#detailindustrystrong). And the whole idea is that they’re trying to elevate not only elevate the professionals in the industry, but also the knowledge of consumers of what they should get, what they can get for the cars and stuff and really elevate the industry as a whole.

Rod: And one of the things that I tried to do is I try to observe as we come in different shops, and so we came in earlier, Shane was out. I had another appointment. And, uh, the guys that work here with Shane in the back, uh, extremely, um courteous helped us out. They thought we were just customers off the street and asked What can we help you with? As another, another customer came in one of Shane’s guys talked to him about some of the hazards of detailing, if you know, if you’re opening the hood and we’re cleaning out your engine bay that you wanted us to do, then your electronics could get wet You need to be aware of those things that actually just educating a customer that wasn’t even actually a customers a was her just here for an estimate. Yeah, some of the things that can happen to their vehicles. So that’s, that’s, that’s really nice and it goes along with what you’re saying is as Mafia Member you’re trying to elevate the industry. I think a lot of people, you know, the years past have viewed detailing as just somebody that washes a car

Shane: Right

Rod: But there’s a lot of things to washing a car. I mean, it’s, not just washing, you know, it’s what kind of towel you are using, so you’re ot marring the paint with you’re old terry towels you got laying around the house that are no good for washing your body anymore. So I think people are realizing that with coatings it’s elevating the industry a lot. And I think just having, you know, Shane’s also got products. These cells, you know, and uses some of the industry’s highest products. You know, P&S products that air that are really making it easier for you to do your job, right?

Shane: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. In the know, going back to educating customers. I mean, it’s, uh, I believe in ethics, you know, and I believe that people should know the risk of having your vehicle detailed in that case it was an engine bay which carries a huge risk. You know, if something goes wrong with that motor, I want them to know, you know, hey, this is a possibility if we do this for you and just let them know up front, you know, and like, another big thing is using the proper products for what you’re doing rather than just taking like a general purpose degreaser, and hosing down your whole interior and clean it that’s not how we do things. We PH balance every single product we have here and fit it to the specific material that we’re doing on your interior. So, like, if we’re cleaning leather, that product that we’re using his PH balanced to the leather it’s, not just a general purpose cleaners just to make the leather look nice for you. I’m making sure that down the road here I’m not deteriorating or, you know, hurting, hurting your vehicle in anyway.

Rod: And that is one of the things as you go through the IDA certification and I know that one of the exams, one of the areas you would cover is the chemicals, you know, making sure that these chemicals are both friendly to the environment, friendly to the vehicles and friendly to the installer themselves. Right. I mean, we’re always caution that were safety equipment mask, gloves and making sure that the chemicals that we’re using or not cause harm anything on not just of the vehicle, right, I mean, it’s, it’s humans doing jobs as well. So, that’s always a good thing to see, you know, walking around your shop, seeing some of the stuff that you’ve got it, you know, safety equipment and things like that. So that’s, that’s really good.

Jody: Yeah actually before you came, Seth, is the guy, right?

Rod: Seth

Jody: I mean, super nice, he took us back to look at a couple of the vehicles that they’re working on, and I was really impressed. He’s got this little bay where all the different types of rag usage our in nice little bays so you don’t grab their wrong rag.

Rod: And get cross contamination

Jody: and those are the little things that I’ve picked up, you know, when, when I walked in, I mean, he was just, was like, “oh, hi, how are you? How can I help you?” And were like, oh, well, we’re actually here to see Shane but to actually see him interact with the customer that came in, and he was really, really meticulous about making sure that, your potential customer, understood that there could be some engine problems because you’re getting the engine bay wet, right. But he was really insistent on educating the customer about that. And then also when your customer came to pick up the Bronco, I mean, the guy was just like, whoa! I mean, you could see the look on his face because that Bronco was twenty years old had three hundred thousand miles on it looked awesome. I mean, you would not have known that, that, that car had three hundred thousand miles on it.

Rod: So so one of things I like to do when we do this is I like to talk about the actual physical environment they’re in, you know, we’re, we’re in Oregon and so you guys get all kinds of inclement weather. And so talk to us about how you educate your customers with the difference between, you know, an Oregon type of environment and let’s say that I moved here from Northern California, Southern California vs those environments, you know.

Shane: Gotcha. So here in Central Oregon we have a super dry climate which is super detrimental to cars, particularly like we’ll use leather as an example, right? So leather has to be hydrated at all times, if not to starts to crack and chip, not chip, but crack and peel and that sort of thing. And that’s what, if you’re seeing your leather doing that, that’s why. It’s not hydrated it’s all dried out. And so a big thing here is that I try to educate, educate people on is keeping things hydrated and conditioned, right. And so that’s why we have a weather conditions here that’s why we make sure that we’re not just cleaning your leather for you, that we actually are conditioning it, to give it some nourishment and so that it’s not getting dried out and cracked. The other things we have here that are that are real bad for the exterior of cars is the deicer on the road, which everybody knows about, but not everybody. Everybody kind of assumes that you can just wash the stuff off. Well, it has its agent that makes the deicer melt on the ground is something that cannot be washed away. It has to be physically removed or, or not mechanically removed, but it has to you have to use a chemical to neutralize it and then remove it. Um it’s not something that you just take a wash mitt to or take it through a car Wash to were removed. Sure, it looks on the surface, like you can’t see it with your eyes, but it’s still eating into your chrome, your paint, your plastics and things like that, unless you’re properly neutralizing it first.

Rod: And um, and then and we’re in a similar environment where something environmental, salt, the roads, you put stuff on it, and one of the coolest innovations, I think, has come about in the last couple years is to actually coat interiors

Shane: Right

Rod: and because that you know you have floor mats, you get the uh

Shane: All that Buildup.

Rod: Oh, jeez. It’s not salt, but it’s a chemical based

Shane: Yeah the, the residue left over from stopping in and out of it inside of your vehicles.

Rod: Inside of your vehicles and people don’t understand that they can actually coat that and seal their interior as well.

Shane: Absolutely.

Jody: So do you, do you do a lot of the interior coating? Because I know, you know, when I’m looking out on the internet. And when I talk a lot to other detailers is they talk a lot about the exterior coating, right, you don’t hear a lot about the interior coatings. Do you, do you make an effort to educate your customers on that. And are many of them willing to do interior coatings or are they more worried about the exterior?

Shane: It’s a little bit of both now So uh, so a lot of people call me about ceramic coating the outside of the vehicle and that’s through talking to them through that, then I also, you know, I mention that we can protect your interior as well. Then I, I teach them the value of having your interior coated which is what we’re talking about, making it easier to clean, keeping it protected, keeping it hydrated.

Jody: It’s not Scotchguard (laughs)

Shane: No. Non, Yeah, Yeah and so it’s just, it’s starting to get a lot more popular with the interior coatings. But I think it’s a lot because what they see on the internet and what they see in videos is all this exterior, you know, the shiny paint in the sun and how it looks mirror finished and that that’s a great benefit in itself. But the interior, you know keeping it hydrated just having to do it one time rather than condition your leather all the time. That’s. A great value, that a ceramic coating can bring to, uh, on an interior coating as well.

Jody: On interior coating, how long do those typically last?

Shane: It depends on the coating so they could vary anywhere from six months to five years. I have leather coatings here that will last five years.

Jody: That’s. Good. So, So, where are you located? We got to get some business your way. Not that you’re hurting. I mean, yeah, I saw your schedule and it’s packed.

Shane: So we have two locations here in Redmond. Everybody knows locally The Polar Bear gas station, which is the second location that we opened up in April of this year. That’s at Polar Bear gas station car wash if you need to address it is 722 Northwest 6th Street and then this is our Hemlock location, which is on the east side of highway 97, just right off the Hemlock Avenue exit off of highway 97.

Jody: Do, do you have any, so definitely make sure that you, if you’re in this area that you connect with Shane. Do you have any fun things that you’re planning for the upcoming year that you can are willing to share with us?

Shane: Yeah, absolutely. So one big thing that I’m going to start doing is free clinics just, just generally teach people and educate people on detailing and car maintenance with my coating customers. Right now, I have them come in for private lessons, and I give private wash lessons as part of their coating because I want to educate them and keep, you know, make sure they’re car always looks good and that they know how to do that. Well, it kind of gave me the idea of Hey, I should do this for the public, and I and I did a little blurb on Facebook about it, and I got a very good response. And so I think next year, I’m probably gonna have a, you know, a couple free wash clinics and maintenance clinics, maybe two or three times throughout the course of the year, and it’s, just with the general public, would be totally free. We’ll have a barbecue and maybe do some burnouts in the back.

Jody: invite us we will drive over.

Rod: We’ll drive over

Shane: Yeah, absolutely

Jody: That’s. Great. Well, we appreciate your taking the time to visit with us. It’s been a great drive over here, and, seriously, if you guys are in the Redmond, Bend, Oregon area, give Shane Mayfield and his team at Perfection, Perfection Plus Auto detailing a shout, and they will definitely hook you up. So, thanks again for joining us for another episode of Mafia Memoirs, and next week we’re going to be at SEMA.

Rod: We will see you all at SEMA in Las Vegas.

Jody: Yeah, I can’t wait for that. See, guys,

A few thoughts after our visit. Shane has his operation DIALED in! Great visit with him at his location, I just wish we would’ve had the camera’s rolling when we out to lunch. He shared how he streamlined his business and transitioned from a detailer that has a business owner to a business owner that details. Definitely going to have to have a follow-up episode with him on that theme.

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