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We love working with you to take your mobile, web or software idea from concept to finished product.

We develop using the “Agile Method”. The Agile method ensures a disciplined project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization and accountability.  In a word Agile is Collaboration.

Our solutions architecture and implementation methodologies incorporate the following steps:

Development Plan
Weekly development reviews will be conducted to ensure development is proceeding along the desired course. Note that new enhancements may be discovered or identified by the Client during the project. These items will be discussed, architected, and designed in collaboration with the Client and Zenware and scheduled for future sprints of the contract unless otherwise determined between the Client and Zenware.

Zenware seeks to release well designed and built, bug free software. Zenware will provide complete project visibility to the Client through timely reviews in the Design and Implementation phases of the engagement. Additionally, each of the project activities will be monitored and tracked against the project plans. Periodic reviews will be held to keep track of the project.

The following table provides an outline of the various meetings held:

Meeting Frequency, Duration Purpose Participants
Joint Project Kickoff Meeting Beginning of Project Share contact information; Review Backlog;
Stand Up Daily or at regular interval, 10-15 minutes Discuss what was completed, what will be completed, and potential risks and roadblocks Zenware PM, Developers, Tester, Client PM if desired
Weekly Planning Meeting Weekly, 1 hour Review progress from week, Review Code and Design; plan following week Zenware PM, Client PM, Developers, Tester
Regular Handoff Meeting To be determined Any functionality that is completed during “Sprint” (typically 4 week cycle) is made available to Client for review and testing Zenware PM, Client PM

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibility
Project Lead
  • The central point of contact for the web development of the project
  • Overall responsibility for execution and delivery of the results
  • Manage technical resources by evaluating skill levels, selecting resources, etc.
  • Perform web site code reviews and assist with development issues
  • Assign tasks to team members & manage workload efficiently
  • Plan, monitor, control and close the development activities
  • Ensure compliance with the Client and Zenware processes
  • Coordinate with The Client Project Manager for all project delivery related issues
  • Check that all requirements are met
  • Participate in system testing
Sr. Developer
  • Responsible for customizing the ZenTouch QuickBook connector to work in tandem with the Micros POS System and the underlying Sybase database
  • Report project status to Project Lead
  • Participate in peer reviews and system testing
  • Participate in acceptance support
  • Generate project related documentation
Application Tester
  • Responsible for testing the application to ensure alignment with application requirements.

Change Management
Change management is part of the agile process. No need for “change orders”. Any changes in the scope are identified and defined in the weekly project review meeting. All changes or enhancements will be documented and presented to the Client for approval in the next development cycle or scheduled for future development.

Agile development has proven a phenomenal method develop applications for our customers. Interested? Talk to one of our team members today to discuss your project.

If you can imagine it we can build it.


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